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Suggestions to improve the site

Please let me know your suggestions to improve the site? What features would you like to see next?

Matthew Wilson Matthew Wilson
Published 12/17/2021 20:03
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David Flynn

Is there the possibility / interest in having the club night games rated by the ECF? What would that take?

replied 01/01/2022 16:56
Matthew Wilson

I don't know much about grading - do you or anyone else fancy looking into this one? We may need a grading officer...

replied 01/05/2022 15:18
David Flynn

Another useful feature would use the 'arrangement' feature to arrange practice and sparring sessions. For example getting to play specific openings and endgames, either as general practice (to help refresh memory or find where you are lacking) or as part of preparing against a real opponent.

replied 12/28/2021 11:52
David Flynn

Given this is usually at max a topic in forums, actually dedicating the 'arranging' feature to pairing and arranging such sessions would be a USP and something which might on its own attract people. Getting and arranging practice partners is usually hard.

In addition this could expand somewhat into requesting, arrangement and timetabling of coaching as numbers grow and if coaches are interested.

replied 12/28/2021 11:56
David Flynn

Addition of a club field? Might fuel some inter-club rivalry.
Support basic tournaments / tracking of results for simple club/other tournaments (doesn't have to be fancy and do pairings etc at this stage but just simple to use and update results)
Result tracking between players / arrangements of multiple games (question of how to pick results from servers or rely on honesty - maybe just for own records rather than bragging)
Other time controls preference (blitz without board), being able to adjust advertising being open to different games as mood/time allows
Links to chess resources
Organised events / 'club nights'

replied 12/21/2021 20:52
David Flynn

Typo in the text: 'Your Oppenents'

Probably should be in a 'strings' file, that way it will be easy to spellcheck as well as internationalise.

replied 12/21/2021 20:23
Matthew Wilson

The typo has been fixed - thanks :)

replied 12/21/2021 20:31
Matthew Wilson

Thanks for the ideas... all noted.

I thought maybe we could start with a couple of club all-play-all leagues, allowing people to join in as they register. Maybe a longer play 60 + 10 and a rapid 30 + 5. Then if we have one night a week as club night, we can all join the same zoom call and then go and play our games. If you can't make it, you can line up your game for another time... I was thinking Wednesday as it doesn't seem to clash with regular club nights?

For other preferences on time controls and similarly to challenge with another time control, just pull down to other and enter whatever you wish. 

replied 12/26/2021 16:17
Matthew Wilson

This has now been implemented and you can report your results in the club championships on the site. There are a few more tabs once you have logged in. :)

replied 12/27/2021 16:21

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