Making online chess more sociable

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The closest thing to Over the Board

With video running alongside your chess game, you see human reactions to your moves. You can also analyse afterwards and talk. It's a lot closer to OTB than regular online chess - and from the comfort of your home. Video chess against trusted opponents makes it viable to play longer games - you know your opponent won't disappear half way through.

The only real downside is that the regular chess platforms don't have this feature built in and so it's necessary to arrange games. This is the purpose of this site. You can challenge other members who would also like to play online zoom chess.

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Example Set-ups

With longer time controls, you can set up a real board, should you wish or just use the regular 2D board. Choose Lichess and video or Chess Roulette which integrates video automatically.

Set up a real chess set

2D Board + Video

Regular Online Chess vs Zoom Chess


2D Board Online

Online + Video

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Immediate Game
Suitable for longer games
See body language
Discuss game with opponent afterwards
See old friends
Meet new people
Opponents are less like to cheat